mount kinabalu summit

Discover the beauty of Mt Kinabalu and its wide range of habitats, from rich tropical lowland and hill rainforest to tropical mountain forest, sub-alpine forest and scrub on the higher elevations


A scale to new heights in stunning scenery

Rising majestically amid Sabah’s undulating Crocker Range is Borneo and Malaysia’s highest peak, Mt Kinabalu, towering at 4,095.2m above sea level. It is located within Kinabalu Park, the Unesco World Heritage Site that’s home to diverse and exotic flora and fauna set against a backdrop of unique geological, topographical and climatic environments. The mountain and all its secrets are best uncovered by foot. A clearly outlined route with ropes for support where needed make this one of the easiest mountains to scale. Upon reaching Low’s Peak, aside from a heady sense of accomplishment, you will be rewarded with breathtaking vistas all around – a truly unforgettable experience.


Your two-day climb begins with a 2-hour car ride to Kinabalu Park, where you will meet your mountain guide and be given a packed lunch before proceeding to Timpohon Gate, the start of your 6km climb to the Laban Rata resthouse at 3,270m. A steady pace is recommended to acclimatise your body to the altitude, and trekking poles are a great help. Along the way, stop for brief rests at gazebo-like stations – there are washroom facilities and water tank for refilling your bottle, although water purification tablets are advised. Upon arrival at Laban Rata, wash up and fuel up at the buffet table before turning in for the evening to rest up for the trek to the summit the next morning.


The 2.7km climb to the peak, weather-permitting, begins with an early wake-up call. Be sufficiently outfitted in warm and waterproof clothing with a headlamp and have some hot supper at the dining hall before taking off. This segment of the climb is more challenging – expect steep cliffs shrouded in thick mists and poor visibility, as well as strong winds and freezing temperatures. Ropes are provided to help with the climb, but you’d find that you don’t need it for the most part. Aim to make it to Low’s Peak in time to catch the spectacular sunrise, a truly awe-inspiring sight. The trek down the mountain is the same as the one up. You’ll have breakfast at Laban Rata before continuing the descent to Timpohon Gate. There, your transport will to take you back to the park headquarters, where you will receive your much deserved certificate of accomplishment. Lunch will be provided at a nearby restaurant, after which, the journey back to Kota Kinabalu and then the resort will commence.

What’s included?

  • Return transfer from the resort to Kinabalu Park
  • Climbing fee
  • Meals: lunch, dinner, supper and breakfast
  • Accommodation
  • Tour guide
  • Certificate of accomplishment

What’s not included?

  • Tips and gratuities (optional)
  • Equipment such as trekking poles, raincoat, windbreaker and headlamp


Laban Rata resthouse

This two-storey resthouse is dormitory-style with several bunk beds in each room and no heating. Hot water is limited as well, as the tanks are heated by solar power. The dining hall serves hot meals at set times and snacks.