Recreational Activities

Gayana Marine Resort offers a host of fun and exciting activities for you to make the most of your time with us on this island paradise.


Save A Baby Giant

Established in 2007, MERC started as a learning and educational centre to raise awareness about the marine ecosystem but has since grown to address the increasing threats on marine life on the island. A key initiative is the Giant Clam Restocking Programme, which has and continues to successfully propagate these endangered shell creatures. Another is the Reef Regeneration Programme, set-up to repair coral reef damage on the island. Guests can participate in replanting corals in the reef, or get up close with sea creatures from seahorses to bamboo sharks.


Coral Planting

To restore damaged coral beds is a long and slow process, and guests can take part in our efforts by planting a coral fragment. You will receive a certificate and updates throughout the year on your coral’s development.


Scuba Diving

Gayana Marine Resort’s PADI Certified Dive Centre lets you discover this marvellous underwater world in the waters off Gaya Island, where you are likely to encounter sea turtles, clownfish, coral fish and even whale sharks, to name a few. A license is not required to dive at Gayana as our specially-trained PADI certified instructors will lead you by the hand. Novice divers are first taken for a briefing and training session at the resort’s diving pool before venturing out to sea.


Sea Activities

The resort’s waterfront teems with thriving corals and small wildlife such as starfishes, crabs and resident fishes. Those not keen on scuba diving can opt to snorkel instead – the experience is just as amazing. You could also take to the beautiful waters in a kayak, or go paddle boarding. Equipment for the activities are provided free of charge.


Jungle Trekking

The thick forest canopy hides a treasure trove of flora and fauna, which is best discovered by foot. Embark on any of the various marked trails or take on the four-hour trek to Bungaraya Island Resort on the other side of the island.