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  1. Introduction

    At ECHO Resorts, we are committed to minimising our ecological footprint and leading by example in environmental stewardship within the hospitality industry. This policy outlines our strategies and commitments to reduce, minimise, and manage our impact on the environment, while maintaining the highest standards of service and luxury for our guests.

  2. Energy Conservation and Efficiency

    We will continuously strive to reduce energy consumption through the following initiatives:

    • Regular energy audits to identify areas of improvement.
    • Installation of energy-efficient lighting, appliances, and HVAC systems.
    • Use of renewable energy sources, such as solar panels and wind turbines.
    • Implementation of smart building technologies to optimize energy usage.
    • Guest education on responsible energy usage.
  3. Water Management

    We are dedicated to efficient water management and conservation by:

    • Installing low-flow fixtures and toilets to minimize water wastage.
    • Harvesting rainwater and reusing treated wastewater for irrigation and non-potable uses.
    • Encouraging guests to participate in our towel and linen reuse program.
    • Regularly monitoring water usage and promptly addressing leaks and inefficiencies.
  4. Waste Reduction and Recycling

    We are committed to reducing waste generation and promoting recycling by:

    • Implementing a comprehensive waste separation and recycling program across the resort.
    • Reducing single-use plastics and providing reusable alternatives.
    • Collaborating with local recycling facilities and promoting community-wide recycling efforts.
    • Composting organic waste for use in landscaping.
  5. Sustainable Procurement

    We will prioritize environmentally responsible procurement practices by:

    • Sourcing local and organic products to support the local economy and reduce transportation emissions.
    • Prioritizing products with minimal packaging and opting for eco-friendly packaging alternatives.
    • Selecting suppliers who adhere to sustainable and ethical practices.
  6. Biodiversity and Landscaping

    We are dedicated to preserving and enhancing the natural environment by:

    • Implementing native landscaping to support local flora and fauna.
    • Creating wildlife habitats and protected areas on our grounds.
    • Avoiding the use of harmful pesticides and chemicals.
  7. Environmental Education and Engagement

    We will raise awareness and promote environmental responsibility by:

    • Offering educational programs for staff and guests about local ecosystems and sustainability.
    • Providing information in guest rooms about our sustainability initiatives and how guests can contribute.
    • Engaging with the local community through workshops, events, and initiatives.
  8. Continuous Improvement and Reporting

    We are committed to ongoing assessment and improvement of our sustainability efforts by:

    • Regularly reviewing and updating our sustainability goals and strategies.
    • Tracking and analysing key performance indicators related to energy, water, waste, and other areas.
    • Sharing our progress and achievements with guests, staff, and stakeholders through regular reports.
  9. Compliance and Regulation

    We will comply with all relevant environmental laws and regulations and strive to exceed these standards wherever possible.

  10. Leadership and Accountability

    Our management team will take ownership of the implementation of this policy, and all staff members will be empowered to contribute to our sustainability goals.

    By adhering to this Environmental Sustainability Policy, we aim to demonstrate our commitment to protecting the environment while delivering an exceptional 5-star experience for our valued guests. Together, we can pave the way for a greener future.